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As you may know, the purpose of Dream Children’s Ministry-Uganda is to provide protection, education, shelter, care and support for the next generation. It was founded by David Oteko in 2013 through his experience of the loss of his mother from AIDS in 1997 and his father in 2006. In 2014, . God brought about the idea for Dream Children’s Home as a solution to the lack of parental love, care and support commonly associated with foster homes. 

The home strives to share the love of Christ with our children as well as the people in the nearby villages. By raising these kids in a loving, Christian environment we hope to give them a foundation that will help them succeed in life and one day be able to give back to God, their community and the world.

All meals are eaten together at home and there are Bible stories and prayers every evening.  During the day, the children attend. We have school tutoring every afternoon with the older children along with English lessons.

We are casting the net wide and praying for what God will do.  

Dream Children’s Home currently resides on rented property in Wanyange-Jinja, Uganda. The very modest home has approximately 30 children. We have no room to grow. There are also landlord restrictions which prevent the construction of permanent secondary structures on the land which inhibits our ability to add items like a chicken coop, add a laundry room or additional bedrooms.

We are praying God will provide 100 acres of land to support this rapidly growing ministry.  Our vision for the children’s home is to have infrastructure to care for up to 200 children.  

Please partner with us in the purchase of this land. Example amount shown here.

1/8 Acre – $250
1/4 Acre – $350
1/2 Acre – $750
3/4 Acre – $950
1 Acre    – $1,500
5 Acres – $7,500

Our desire is to have a school, medical clinic for our children and the local village children (who can’t afford the fees), a recreation center, workshop training center (to teach life and vocational skills), computer centre,  pastoral training center, chapel, guest house for visiting teams, agricultural lands and livestock to supply food for the homes and sell for income.

The children will be with us from as young as three years old, up to 20 years of age. Many of these will have transitioned from the Dream Children’s Home.

We are praying that God will open doors for this project. This is one of our greatest visions and goals!  

  • Phase 1 – Construct 3 boy’s homes, 3 girl’s homes, cafeteria, and Directors home.  Plant crops and add livestock.
  • Phase 2 – Construct office,combined meeting hall / game center, guesthouse, primary school, teacher housing. Add more crops and livestock.
  • Phase 3 – Construct a library and computer lab, Primary and secondary school,
  • Phase 4 – Construct a worship center, medical clinic, nurse housing, workshop for school where they learn life skills.
  • . Recreation fields (soccer/rugby, basketball, volleyball, netball, tennis, cricket, baseball, swimming pool)

When God provides the land, it will create opportunities for visiting teams and ministry partners to help with the infrastructure construction.  It should reduce our operating costs by not having to pay rent. We have concept designs prepared for most of the new structures.

The agriculture would include foods to feed the children and workers but also income producing crops such as coffee, tilapia, sugarcane, corn, potatoes, bananas, Matooke, pineapple, rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, lemons, ginger, etc.  Livestock could include cows, chickens, pigs, goats, turkeys and bee farm for honey.

We know these are God Sized goals but unless we can secure more room, we will never be able to help more children. Please pray with us in how YOU can partner to make this a reality.


All donations made to Dream Children’s Ministry-Uganda are accompanied by a receipt. Donations are logged and registered and, where practical, provide a description of how the money has been applied. Housing and providing for 30 children is a huge project with many expenses. A large variety of goods and start-up items (such as beds, kitchenware, etc.) are required, and ongoing support will be needed to purchase food items, pay utility expenses and medical .

Please contact our director below for more information:

Pastor David Oteko