Dream Children’s Ministry – Uganda is a young charity with a big vision.
“Our mandate from God is to restore hope by meeting the spiritual, physical and educational needs of HIV/AIDS orphaned, homeless, street and vulnerable children who are being left to struggle in the Ugandan district of Jinja as well as in Ugandan communities at large through the provision of education, medication, shelter, basic needs, food and spiritual growth.”
Dream children’s ministry Uganda (DCM-U) is a Community Based Organization founded on the pillars of love, hope and desire for change. DCM-U works to address the needs and aspirations of the underprivileged using a holistic approach directed specifically towards poverty reduction. The organization was started in 2013, registered in 2014 and currently working on proving support to the orphans, needy, street and vulnerable children in Wairaka Village (Kakira Sub county) and in Wairaka Town (Jinja district) where our office is located.
 We believe every child has the right to be loved. Love is a force which inspires, empowers, liberates, creates and sustains. Above all, we must provide for the orphans of Uganda a love which enables them to love and care for those around them. In time this will forge an enduring community, which supports its weakest and defends its most vulnerable


 We believe that every child has the right to access water, food, shelter and education. According to the World Health Organization only 55% of rural Ugandans have access to “improved drinking water”. Sadly, it’s the most vulnerable who have little or no access. We believe that through providing Uganda’s needy children with access to water, food, shelter and education, we can break the poverty cycle to build a more sustainable future for the whole country. We believe in the difference that can be made by improving one life at a time.
Dream Children’s Ministry- Uganda believes that by shifting the course of a single life we can impact the lives of many others. At the heart of DCM-U is an understanding that in order to change lives in the future we must grow a generation who has the life skills, education and understanding of how to survive in a changing world. Through this we can build sustainable communities with a loving, nurturing attitude at their very core.
We believe that all people are created equal. We treat every person that we work with as an individual. There are no “one size fits all” projects. We recognize that each child has unique talents and passions and we seek to provide them with the opportunities to develop and use these talents. Opportunities may come through providing the children with a formal education, giving them a vocational education or working with the local community to find them apprenticeships, depending on the need and aptitudes of the individual child. We believe that every child deserves a good environment.
Dream Children’s Ministry – Uganda believes that a loving, caring environment is vital to a child’s physical and psychological well-being. We believe that it is this, above all else, that can help a child to achieve their true potential. Our primary focus is to reduce poverty in the communities where we work, reduce school drop outs, early marriages, HIV/AIDS spread among adolescents, and promoting good sanitation and hygiene in communities.

Ministry Address

P.O. BOX 2220, JINJA

ACCOUNT NO : 24499605010112

Orient Plaza 6 6A Kampala Road