Why You Should Sponsor A Child



We understand that you are asked frequently to give money. We know that it is important for you that your money is used wisely and effectively. One of the main strength of our projects is that there is very little loss of resources and that you can see clearly the result of your donation. We act directly on the ground with volunteers or paid workers. We don’t have to go through bribes, political contributions or else. Our operations are modest and low-key. Our overhead is as minimal as possible, and our workers live like and with those they serve.

A financial contribution from you can make a huge difference in the life of a child, with results that you can see. You can be an actor in relieving one of the major burdens on the shoulder of Africans. Helping AIDS orphans and vulnerable children to access better health care, nutritious food and formal and vocational education is one of the most concrete thing we can do to lifting them out of poverty and thus to giving them the opportunities in the world which otherwise they wouldn’t have.

What is child sponsorship and how does it work?

The gift of child sponsorship provides the opportunity for an education to help change the direction of an orphan child’s future. You can either choose or be assigned a deserving child who has been interviewed by staff and pre-qualified for our services. Your sponsored child will provide you with letters and photos, making sure that you are aware of their progress and accomplishments. We encourage you to reciprocate and to share with them encouragement, the celebration of holidays, and family stories.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Sponsorship is just $30 per month per child. We’ve found ways to keep costs down without cutting into the care you help to provide for your child. (If $30 is too much for your budget, you may co-sponsor your child for just $15 per month.)

Of course we do not limit the amount of amount of money anyone wants to donate to his or her child, so any amount is ok.

How does child sponsorship improve the lives of children?

We believe the best way to support a child is through providing an education, new school supplies, healthcare, and hope for a better future. Through our sponsorship program we hope to prepare the next generation of leaders who will impact their communities and help to eradicate extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS as well as other diseases.

How are the gifts I send used?

Your monthly gifts provide tuition, school uniform, textbooks, lunches, and school supplies for your sponsored child. In addition, your child has the opportunity to see love in action through child mentorship, holiday enrichment programs, Vacation Bible School, and weekend retreats.

Will you bill me for payments?

No. Each donation to the children of Dream Children’s Ministry – Uganda is a special gift from you. You will receive monthly or annual receipts depending on your choice of payments, and we will send a gentle reminder along with your update reports if case you have forgotten to send your gift.


How long does a sponsorship last?

We hope that your sponsorship commitment will continue until your child has completed their education. However, we do recognize that personal circumstances may change for both you and for your child, and if you must end your sponsorship for any reason, the child may stop to attend school till he or she gets anew sponsor which is really bad because the child will miss a lot from school.

Will I always have the same child to sponsor?

Yes, as long as the child stays in our program, he or she will be your sponsored child. When a child leaves the program, we immediately pass this information on to the sponsor, along with information about another child that he or she may be interested in sponsoring.

As a sponsor, what do I receive throughout the year?

You will receive:

At least two letters from your child each year.

A new color photograph of your child every year.

The opportunity to send birthday, Christmas and Easter greetings to your child and help to provide gifts on these and other special occasions.

What types of benefits do sponsored children receive?

Through sponsorship, your child receives direct and vital benefits to help him or her grow up healthy and educated. You’ll help provide important assistance, such as:
Medical and dental care

A better chance for a good education

New, durable clothing

Improved living conditions, nutrition education and other vital assistance that affects your child

Emergency food and vitamins

Structured activities to encourage moral and spiritual values.

And much more!

Our program benefits focus on the needs of individual children. To help ensure the children receive the best possible care, detailed benefit registers, listing benefits received for each child, are signed and kept on file in our field project areas.

Change a life for just $30 per month!

Sponsor the child of your choice, or we will choose a needy child for you if you wish.



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